Social Impact Measurement (SIM) aims to measure the positive impact of a project, specifically the benefits towards the beneficiaries. In today's world,  many of the project's funders, project managers, beneficiaries and their relatives, and other stakeholders are keen to know such impacts.

The "Jockey Club Fullness Social Impact Measurement Coaching Scheme", funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, is not only about knowledge transfer but aims to provide a set of handy to tools for NGO colleagues, with an emphasis on using templates, tables, and standardized survey forms. The tools provided will help to measure the project's social impacts without adding too much workload for the front-line colleagues.  


  1. The participants shall come from the same project team, and an ongoing project should be chosen for preparing the SIM.

  2. Apart from the 3-day lessons, each project team will have an individual coaching session (1.5hrs per team on 2 days). Such session aims to solve the project-specific issues in executing the social impact measurement. 

  3. This coaching scheme has limited quota and priority will be given to an NGO that is willing to implement SIM on the organization level.



Cantonese with English materials


Free of Charge

Participated organizations

​(For reference only)

(In alphabetical order)

-1A Group Limited (1a space) ( 1a 空間)

-Agency For Volunteer Service (義務工作發展局)

-AKA Social Service (香港仔坊會)

-Alliance of Ex-mentally Ill of Hong Kong (香港精神康復者聯盟)

-Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (香港展能藝術會)

-Asia Society Hong Kong Center (亞洲協會香港中心)

-Bo Charity Foundation Limited (小寶慈善基金)

-Christian Concern For The Homeless -Association (基督教關懷無家者協會)

-Christian Family Service Centre  (基督教家庭服務中心)

To teach us to define levels of indicators, which would better help us justify the rationale of the project.
-- 1st Cohort's comment --

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