Social Impact Measurement Workbook:
A step-by-step approach to devising outcome indicators

Authors: Guan Zhikang, KWAN Chi Hong Ted, Li Hao, LEE Ho Samuel, Li Jianwen, LEE Kim Man Erica

Year: 2020

Introduction:  Social Impact Measurement (SIM) is gaining popularity among funders, NGOs, colleagues, and stakeholders of social projects in Hong Kong. However, there is no single fast rule to determine the relevant impact indicators for social projects, and SIM practitioners are adopting different approaches . Nevertheless, many would agree that the impact indicators should not only reflect what has been done but also provide guidance to enhance future social impact.
In this regard, this workbook was created with a stage-by-stage approach; each stage has a template to lead through brainstorming exercises on the reasonableness of the social project from inception to completion.

Social Impact Measurement-Templates and Guidelines

Authors: Li Hao LEE Ho Samuel, Kwan Chi Hong Ted, Li Jianwen LEE Kim Man Erica

Year: 2021

Introduction: This set of templates originated from our previous workbook-"Social Impact Measurement-A step-by-step approach to devising outcome indicators". For many social sector practitioners, they are usually busy at work in dealing with the project's beneficiaries, this set of templates provides a quicker way to scrutinize the project's purpose, logic and expected results, ie Why, How & What aspects of the project.